Landscaping Services



We offer a full suite of landscape services to build and maintain beautiful outdoor living spaces.  Call us today for a custom quote for your property.

Our Services

Lawn Care & Maintenance

An elegantly manicured lawn makes your home beautiful and offers outstanding curb appeal.    We provide professional, full-service landscaping services —  lawn care and maintenance services including weekly mowing, edge trimming, collection and blowing/removal of clippings, buds and twigs from your property.  We also install sod lawns and re-seed existing lawns.

If you have any special needs between your scheduled service day, please contact us to coordinate.  We also provide seasonal grass-seeding.

Pruning & Trimming Trees & Shrubs

We can help you keep your trees remain both healthy and safe. Regular pruning of dead branches is not only good for your trees health but creates a safer yard for your family too.

Selective pruning can help manage sun and shade, the size as well as the shape of your ornamental trees and bushes, and promote optimal growth and flowering.

Call us today for a review of the trees on your property and a recommendation for safe pruning and/or removal of trees.

Seasonal Yard Clean-Up (Spring & Fall Cleanup)

Spring and Fall cleanups are necessary to start your outdoor season off with a fresh, clean landscape. 

Upon scheduling your clean up, we’ll arrive, pick up twigs and branches, blow out your planted beds, lawn and patio areas and prepare your lawn for maximum outdoor enjoyment.  Mulching is done via special request. 

Call today for pricing for your seasonal cleanup.  We also do land and brush clearing.

Mulching - Beds and Gardens

Minimize invasive weeds and maintain a crisp and neat look for your planted beds with mulch.

Wood chips & Stone Delivery & Spreading

A. O’Reilly Landscaping can deliver and spread stone for use in driveways, garden paths or planted bed areas or for any other aspect of your project.  

Planting & Maintaining Garden Beds

We both build and maintain planted beds and gardens which help provide visual interest to your property.   If you require mulching, weeding, pruning and trimming of planted areas, we will customize a service package to include your specific needs.  Call us to discuss how we can help make your planted areas even more beautiful.

We plant shrubs, trees, flowers of all types.  Call us for a recommendation on what to plant when!

Sometimes noise, a less-than-desirable view, animals or other items can be an unwanted distraction.  We can design and plant a suitable privacy screen, hedge or wall to minimize the audible and visual impact of those distractions.

Stone Walls & Fire Pits

Add a beautiful perimeter border, or a touch of elegance to a seating area with a custom stone wall and/or fire pit.

We specialize in custom hardscapes for your property.  Keying off the natural surroundings, we can suggest options that will enhance your property’s overall appearance.

We construct walkways, patios, walls, poolscapes, seating areas and more.  Call us to discover how you can transform your property into an elegant entertainment space.

Build, repair or refresh your patio today!  Enjoy outdoor living at it’s best.  We work with many different patio and walkway materials – pavers, brick, bluestone and more!

Property Fences

We install fencing and garden beds upon request.  We also install railroad tie walls and steps as well as stockade and split-rail type fences. 

Please call us for more information or an estimate.

Snow Plowing Services

A. O’Reilly Landscaping provides winter-season snow plowing with or without sidewalk/walkway/path clearing.

Keep your sidewalks and driveway safe during the winter months.

We provide snow plowing and snow clearing services for both commercial and residential customers.

Call us for your custom quote today! –